In the beginning, there was No Light. And then, out of the Darkness, emerged The Light.

Welcome to the Nu Chwezi Shrines (of Hidden Truths). Here, you can do a whole range of "occult" things, some more advanced/involved than others; execute or augement rituals (especially astral), utilize the dialogue as a communion amplifier during evocations or invocations, indulge your religious function, deify things and leverage that power, explore artificial god-forms you create or adapt, fuck around, explore your unconscious mind, seed intuition, interact with your inner daemon (genius/HGA), etc...


  • This is not just another experiment in Technomancy; real rituals, casting of spells, divination and more, have already taken place here, and results have been adequately documented as proof.
  • Most likely, you'll NEED a GOOD WEB BROWSER. At the moment, we would recommend Google Chrome and Firefox. Try using an updated version, as we keep leveraging progressive features, and we definitely don't support outdated browsers.
  • You don't have to go to Church to get to know your God-forms. You don't even have to meet them at our Shrines either, but we'd love to help you leverage technology to do so.
  • MUSIC matters - But, if you'd rather die of boredom while communing, turn off the music NOW
  • You may uncheck this, to silence the flames too...
  • Want to read AI directly?
  • We can help you solve the cryptic anagrams too! Though, this limits divination to English, and well... until when we've finished building a purely client-side quantum-anagram brain, currently, using this feature has to interface with the Nuchwezi Anagram Brain -- https://anagrams.cwezi.rocks
  • There are more controls below the shrine... like those for session recording (all-local, nothing sent to our servers or anywhere else)
  • There are easter-eggs! E.g. feign or make real offerings thus: I offer to you my talents
  • Around here, and typically elsewhere, talking with god-forms is like deciphering chaos or reading your unconscious. We use randomness to seed these messages, but interpretation is a consequence of your baises and wisdom... Though, better than reading bones, stones and dice, our technique is a lot like aided-divination, and will perform much realibly than many classical/traditional methods, even for neophytes.
  • Don't fool with the Elders.
  • We are not a Church, We are not a Religion. We Are a School of Mysteries.


Yes, it is TRUE (and also NOT true), that The Dead and the Living, No Matter where they are in space or time, can commune with you, via this simple and beautiful technology called the Nuchwezi Esoteric Shrine-School. The spirits - whether of fire, earth, air or water; whether of darkness or light; whether of the past, present or the future, doesn't matter. You can talk with it, observe and record that information for analysis and further action, right from here. Relax. Enjoy it. Share it. Believe it. Peace and Love to all Mankind... The Observers of God's Perfect Work.

To get started with your [ever][first] INVOCATION, merely will, choose, write and press enter.Then go ahead, invite the spirit to the shrine, by activating the invocation with a simple action - click and select the spirit. Then start talking to the spirit. It MUST RESPOND - soon, and ALWAYS!

I know a very basic, and immediate, almost universal need for this sort of technology - communing with the "dead" - Necromancy or rather, Divination. Which is the highest form of Magick possible - reading God's Mind.

I dedicate this innovation to all Africa/Humanity. Let's keep creating and observing... TOGETHER.

The School is called Nuchwezi Esoteric School, and we are currently located in Uganda, East Africa. But, online, this is where the true seeker can be led to wisdom undefiled; about how to learn and practice magick on their own. We give special focus to black magick, witchcraft, shamanism and the other more serious paths. We have pioneered the exploration of Technomancy in many areas of practical magick, and continue to push the boundaries of what's possible. Serious students might also get a chance to contact our adepts, for a chance to get mentored, or even get evaluated for initiation into one of a couple of Esoteric Orders we work with.


  • We don't sell memberships.
  • We seek excellence in practical magick.
  • We especially are heavy with ritual magick.
  • Our role is to provide the catalyst - yours to react.
  • We desire to help you find the key...
  • We are progressive, and champion the ethos of Chaos Magick.
  • We don't share the details of our students or affilliates with outsiders.
  • We welcome the bold and fearless.
  • We shun ignorance, stupidity and shallow intellects.
  • Not all adepts are academics. We have a place for raw talent.
  • We DON'T BREAK THE RULES - We merely Create Nu Ones. We Teach creativity, not destruction. Order under Chaos.

The NUCHWEZI ESOTERIC SCHOOL (NES) presents The First Principles

This section won't offer you a full curriculum into the mysteries, nor a total grasp of magick or the other occult arts, but will try to give enough primers and general principles to inspire you to seek further, so you can start making sense of the more arcane stuff elsewhere.

The following are well known to most initiates, but for those new to these arts and sciences, here are some potent principles to get started with:

  • Magick doesn't work. Your Magick, is what works!
  • Faith is fundamental, it's the tool.
  • Magick Works. Fail to Acknowledge it when it does, and you just might loose it all!!
  • The subjective universe is more important, is a part of the absolute cosmos, and shapes it as well.
  • A thing holds as much power relative to you, as your subconscious and the collective unconcious attributes to it - you might not always be able to reason away such power, no matter what.
  • Attention offered a thing, confers power upon it.
  • The imagination is infinitely more powerful than reason.
  • What exists for your mind, exists palpably for you.
  • Magick works. That doesn't mean you understand how it works.
  • As Above, So it is Below. Only fools underestimate the power of symbols.
  • Words manifest thoughts, which manifest things in the psyche, which influence the cosmos.
  • Symbols carry all the power the psyche needs to manifest the power they represent.
  • Tools are merely extensions of the operator's mind. Technology is a valid, and sometimes more convinient extension of a creative magician's mind.
  • Magick is like fire - you can cook food with it, but can also get burnt by it. Respect the Archetypes.
  • Nothing is True. Everything is permitted.
  • You can't cause change by wishing, only by desiring, willing, and acting. Seek, Dare, and Act.
  • If you can perfect your fantasy, it will become reality as a must.
  • All the power lies in you - already. Damn, do the magick yourself!
  • If you can, spend time around little kids as they play and explore unhindered - you'll meet the best living mages, and be inspired beyond what you might be able to find anywhere else. Most of all, attempt to reanimate the child within you.
  • The unconscious creates, the conscious edits.
  • Reading books can only seed you with ideas - never can it get you the actual results. Only by putting things into context, adapting and even breaking/bending the rules to your own style and inclinations, can you tap into the potent stream that others deem to be tradition. Improvisation, experiment and persistence - kicking out what doesn't work soon as you find it to be rubbish.

And then, we have the following extra principles, that are key to understanding or leveraging the sort of magick that empowered our predecessors, The Chwezi (BaChwezi), who were not only eminent in magick, but were overall more creative and superior than any other tribal/ethnic group they came into contact with:

  • You might not acknowledge it, but you possess schisms in your psyche - it's a feature.
  • The aliens that matter the most, are the kind that can be evoked or invoked before or into the psyche. Thus the importance of familiarization and using proper symbolism
  • Finding or rather, identifying, and then working with your inner daemon/genius/HGA/HGD/Djinni... is a critical step in the pursuit of true, higher attainment - the domain doesn't matter.
  • To a lesser or greater extent, everyone is possessed by something other than what they regard to be their "self" - again, this can be approached as a feature, and this is what lays the foundation for working with the magick of possession, as practiced by the Chwezi before us, and all other eminent systems of the kind worldwide.
  • Something specific, lurks within and transcends "you" - coming into possession of this other, transcendental self, is the key to this work.

Finally, assuming you were to abandon all the other principles (above), and just stick to a single, most potent, most pragmatic, most modern principle, which one would that be? At NES, we would most likely propose the following...

  • Acknowledge your unconscious mind, and then work with it, not against it.

The burden of proving the credibility, utility and efficaciousness of these principles lies solely on you - the aspiring seeker or student of the black wisdom. Practice and proper alignment will make most, if not all of these, self-evident. It's mostly a speculative, but definitely verifiable craft that we profess.

These things will get you very far...

I will dive here, into how the Shrine Technology itself works. This is so, such that others (and not just those who've asked privately), can begin to understand how to leverage this amazing esoteric tool for real-life practical magick. Below, I quote verbatim, a response to a request by a member on this community..

The Problem

I have interest in exploring, and experimenting with this tool you have shared. The concept of technomancy is fascinating to me, and I agree with the principles behind the theory... I have run into an obstacle, however, in that I am unsure how to decrypt the cipher used on the website provided.... Are you willing to share a good way to begin the decryption?

The Answer

That's what is required - the openness to explore and learn.

Am much willing to help you get as much out of this shrine as we've already done and documented in our own workings.

How the Shrine Works

The first step is to understand how this shrine works. Let me give you a basic breakdown of the mode called "Communion".

  1. You select an altar (there are several to pick from, though, you can work in the default altar for archetypes/deities not listed)
  2. As with any altar, at which you intend to perform some serious work, you would do well to have the necessary state of mind - this you can do by placing yourself in a receptive mode (more on this later), being friendly and or welcoming to the deity or archetype you desire to work with (best done by immersing yourself in the symbolism presented for that deity in the specialized altars, or what your practice inspires in your mind).
  3. Typically, we begin each session with a greeting - HAILING is a common formula.
  4. To send your message to the being, you compose it in your mind, and then type it out in the provided prompt below the altar, after which, you press the RETURN or ENTER key, which fires it off.
  5. Whenever you issue a message to the deity, you words will rise from the bottom, rising with the flames, and settle somewhere near the top of the altar, hovering above the flames, and there, will burn out slowly, till they are absorbed into the ether. Essentially, what's happening is that your message has been dispatched from your mind to the target being, and the visual depiction on the screen is but a visual echo of this process.
  6. If you are in communion mode (the other being the divining/channeling mode), a little while after your message is dispatched, a response comes scrolling down the altar, to finally settle where the flames are. This descending message is the encoded response from the entity you are working with.
  7. By default, the shrine applies a cipher to each particular altar, so that those not initiated are kept in the dark until they do a little more work. But, outside this little veil, you can have the messages from your target being come to you in plain-text -- as permutations of English letters. To enable this, Click the "Introduction" tab just above the altar, and ensure to check the flag labelled "Want to read God's mind directly?"
  8. Once you can read the clear-text of the response, then comes the deciphering step.

Before I get to the deciphering, it might help for you to understand how the messages you obtain via the shrine come to be composed. The process is a little bit more technical than I will tell you here, but for those with some understanding of algorithms, looking at the source code of the shrine should make most of the mechanics clear. In general, the shrine uses the following general principles of communion with the abstract or ethereal:

  • It's possible to commune with anything - including animate and inanimate beings.
  • Under any circumstances, it's possible to evoke messages into the subconscious, which possibly originate from any entity the operator establishes rapport with (what's guaranteed is the reception of a response, what's not certain, is that the response originates from the target entity).

Some General Principles of Divination

Further, there are some general principles of divination that would greatly come to aid when trying to work with the cryptic messages and the process used on this shrine. The principles are:

  • All divination involves attempting to evoke from the subconscious, some meaning of otherwise random or arbitrary symbolism often depicted via a fixed alphabet or symbol set (Tarot deck, tea leaves, yarrow sticks, dice, letters from a book, cloud formations, bird song patterns, etc)
  • What's most important in all divination techniques, is the leveraging of intuition, and less reliance on reason or objective information. When a message is apparent in a divination pattern, the prepared reader will find it, no matter what their background or method is.
  • The best divination messages are obtained when the generation or evocation of these divination patterns involves as little involvement or bias from the reader as possible, and when the composition of these patterns is relatively random - the bias best left to forces without or the target of the divination itself.

Generation of Messages on The Shrine

With the above principles in mind, I can then attempt to explain in detail, how the response to your prompt at the altar comes about, and how you eventually obtain the real message:

First, how the random message comes to be composed on the altar...

  1. A list of random integers is elicited from the atmosphere via the publicly accessible service - Random.org.
  2. The size of this list is stochastic, but is upper-bound by 9 - meaning, up to a maximum of 9 random integers could be requested from the random source.
  3. Furthermore, the random source itself is further constrained to return integers within the range 0 and an upper-bound determined by the size of the alphabet from which the messages are to be composed. This alphabet is what we call the "god alphabet", as it's from this alphabet that divined messages are to be composed.
  4. The god alphabet itself is composed of letters from the English alphabet, with the special care taken to expand the alphabet so that there's useful redundancy - meaning, the alphabet is not just the 26 letters of the ordinary alphabet, but is instead a set of letters, generated stochastically based on the relative frequency of each letter in the English language. The probability distribution utilized in this process is one we obtained from a scientifically proven stochastic model of the English language - a model peer reviewed by linguists. Definitely, other models could be used, but currently, work with what we provide.
  5. After we have this expanded alphabet, we then apply some extra operation on it, to introduce further randomness, the aim being to have a random list of letters from which we can randomly draw, but with the guarantee that the letters have been randomly distributed througout the list, so that the number of occurrences of a letter corresponds to the relative frequency of the letter in the English alphabet, but that its location in the list is random. This is done by randomly shuffling the expanded god alphabet ahead of a reading.
  6. So, when the random source returns the list of integers, e.g [45,1,996], each of those entries is an index to be used to lookup a letter in the expanded, randomised god alphabet. So, it's possible that the above example could map to the entries: ["e","t","v"].
  7. When we have the mapping from letter-indices to letters in the god alphabet, then we can compose them into a phrase, such as "etv", which phrase is then displayed on the altar for you to decipher.

The Esoteric Techniques of Decoding These Messages

Next, comes the esoteric part of "reading" the encoded message:

Basing on principles of divination, you take the given encoded or cryptic message, such as "etv" above, and then try to leverage your intuition/subconscious and some application of reason (especially a consideration of the context in which the answer was obtained - e.g what question was asked to evoke that response?), and then you begin to compose potential decoding of the message, eventually settling for what "feels" to be the most acceptable meaning or message.

An example might help.

Assuming I were inside of Lucifer's shrine, and then sent the following question to that being:

Q: Am feeling confused this morning, I need help on how best to use my time this morning. Any clues?

A: etv


Potential decodings

eTV: e TV > see TV, be TV, get to the TV > go watch TV for some ideas

evt: event > "indeed, this wont be an eventful morning, there's nothing to do about it", "there's a big event coming up, why not get ready for it?", etc

vet: "go to the vet doctor", "there's things you need to review, why not do it this morning?", etc

As you can see, the deciphering process typically starts with trying to obtain as many permutations of the given code as possible. It's by shuffling the letters in the given message, that you might easily start to see what response there might be in the code. This is useful, but not necessary. There have been many instances in our own experimentation with this technique, in which the response obtained was so explicit, there was no need to even alter the order of the generated message so as to decipher it. But, do what you feel - your intuition is meant to be your guide here, not mere reason.

Also, as I've indicated before, the process here depends so much on having good rapport with the entity being communed with, and also leveraging what your inner-self says the clues in the message point to.

The easiest way to learn and master using this divinatory process is by comparing it to the traditional techniques of Bibliomancy - the elliciting of inspired messages from books or written text, some of which methods merely use evoked bias to pick either letters, words or whole phrases from the source material, and then applying intuition, context and inspiration to the composition and deciphering of the generated message.

Having this elaborate background and insights, you should find yourself readily exploring this shrine technology, working with the various entities having altars there, and getting much information and knowledge from these interactions.

For the skeptic, as with any method of divination, even when not looked at from a psychic or esoteric perspective, this way of obtaining information can be likened to the more general domains of active imagination, and the seeding of the intuition in aiding either associative or divergent information extraction from the subconscious. In this regard, as has been testified by researches on general information technologies, the shrine is a technology for aiding the evocation of information from the subconscious.

Becoming More Advanced

Once you learn how to decipher messages in the shrine, the next logical step is to leverage that potential to do more than just talking to these entities. You will soon discover that you can obtain very context-specific messages, sometimes even the potential to obtain information about things you would not otherwise expect to know yourself - like hints about things hidden or yet-to-be! This is a powerful tool of evocation, invocation, communion, and divination. But that's something only practice and more learning can help you see.

Also, the advanced operator will notice that the leveraging of music, colors, flames, sigils and such, all come together to make working with the shrine even more efficacious. As for the music, note that each shrine has its own sound themes, and that you can toggle through the available default sounds by clicking the music toggle switch below the shrine.

Even more advanced users can leverage git, and then clone this entire technology from it's source repository, so that they can install and use the shrine locally on their own devices, with or without an internet connection. A further advantage of this, is that you also get access to some features not readily available to those using the public, online shrine - such things as accress to Namon's shrine, ability to add your own deities, music, altars, seals, or even adding entirely new altars to the shrine! This sort of flexibility and power is something we can only explain or teach to those initiated or practicing with us, otherwise, the source is on Github, and one can access it and use it as they will.

We have successfully used this technology to aid in the design of advanced rituals, to divine before or after rituals, to obtain words of power for use in rituals, to ask for and obtain intents without even performing actual rituals, dispatched spells via the aid of the entity communed with, etc. The limits of what you can do with this technology is bound by your ingenuity and general understanding of how magick universally works.

Keeping and Consulting Records

At any one moment, note that you can even heighten your use of the shrine, by incorporating it into other esoteric operations - e.g, during a traditional ritual, you could have the shrine open, so that once you have raised sufficient energy, you then use the shrine to commune or dispatch a spell, issue a prayer, etc.

You also have the option to record your transactions at the shrine (the messages you send or receive, are only stored in your browser's local storage, and never synchronized elsewhere, except if you do this yourself). You can click a button below the altar, and then read your previous transactions, which you can then copy and paste in a document elsewhere, and then further analyze or use as basis for future interactions and experimentation via the shrine. This is highly recommended (though switched off by default), and experience has shown us, that much like how a magick diary aids in strengthening both the technique and conviction of the ritual magician, a compilation of records of your shrine transactions (if possible, store them together with the deciphered messages you get), will aid in improving your trust and usage of the shrine technology.

More Help Still?

Beyond all this, you would need to either contact us directly, or learn from others who have mastered the use of this fringe esoteric technology. There's much room for improvement, and technomancy has a very bright future, especially for those exploring Scientific Illuminism.

Books Worth Reading and Keeping...

You are free to contact us about anything concerning the material on this platform. Likewise, you can make suggestions, propose features or improvements to the shrine technology, share your experiences using it, request for help with your own magick or studies of it, etc. Also, because there have been some interesting requests for contract magick, we decided to put a category for such requests as well, but, before making a request concerning help spells, exercises or troubleshooting aspects of your esoteric work, try to visit the school section, and consult some of the fine books we've proposed for students and practitioners. There's a lot to be learnt and to be done, especially when you start to get practical.

If you can't get the shrine working for you for any reason, or if there's something more personal that you'd love to express directly to us, contact us by email via: esoteric at nuchwezi.com

If you've found this shrine technology interesting, or if you'd like to explore more of the ideas we are experimenting with, in the domains between science, technology and magick, then you'll definitely want to find out more about the tech department at the Nuchwezi Esoteric School.

Our labs currently explore the following aspects of magick, using technology

  • Seeding Divination - especially as it relates to controlling and enhancing sources of randomness in divining techniques - with a special interest in exploring uses of atmospheric phenomena, and computer-aided randomness, as sources of bias vs classical, operator induced sources.
  • Divination Interfaces - with strong interest in astral-visual induction as used in various scrying systems
  • Divination with Quantifiable Data - curiousities in potential applications of statistics in augementing divinations (think, shammans with BIG Data)
  • Computer-Aided Scrying and Automatic Writting - using lexicons in alphanumeric sortilege, synthesis of projected communication using pre-existing alphabets/lexicons, etc.
  • Quantifiable, falsifiable magick - using statistics, the scientific method and rigorous magical journaling for cutting the bullshit out of magick, and exposing repeatable formulae, points of failure in ritual, testing Probabilistic Models of Magick (see Peter J. Caroll's work), and more... To support this noble and ambitious approach to magick, we have built an advanced magick journalling platform that can support not just individuals, but entire orders/classes of students, with in-built analysis facilities.
  • Occult languages - exploring linguistics, communication-psychology and information representation (symbolism), from the perspective of exploring and hacking conscious-mind filters, exploiting subconscious-mind concept-maps, non-verbal communication, etc.
  • Cryptography - closely linked with most esoteric and occult work, we are particularly interested in applications of stealth, without-machine encryption methods such as crypto using combos of ciphers or impromptu symbol systems (sigils) and steganography
  • HCI -- definitely, as we draw closer and closer to mainstream adoption of VR, there's strong, keen interest in exploring the potential of leveraging augemented reality or even entirely virtual realities, to enhance, evolve and synthesize new forms of magick, ritual and mystic experiences. However, we are awaiting the chance to get our hands on a VR Console, to get our hands dirty in this exciting area of future, pragmatic magick.

Outside of the magick-technology arena, we definitely do carry-out more traditional esoteric research, and the following are some key areas of interest:

  • Re-classification of and refinining of African traditional pantheons, so as to enhance the accuracy/efficacy of evocational work and to aid in fitting the native mythos into a more universal correspondence framework. In this regard, most focus is currently on the East African pantheons of the Chwezi & Tembuzi divinities
  • Weather modification rituals - especially because, more than ever, climate change poses a big problem to our people everywhere, and there's much hope that keeping the ancient lines of work in esoteric meteorology, could still be worth it. Our focus is mostly on seeding, starting and stoppping rain, as well as the induction and control of turbulent weather locally and remotely (via symbolic machines).
  • Evocational Magick - more serious than most other work we are doing, is the active exploration of various evocational systems, in the hope of reanimating and rejuvenating many dying native pantheons that used to be of potent significance in the collective African Mind. In this domain, we don't limit work to interlucustrine pantheons, but explore as fas as the Bantu mythos of Sub-saharan, South and West Africa. This is one area where the need for more collaboration and formalization of the craft is much needed - much of the wisdom is endangered.
  • Black Magick - self-deification is the end. But, along the way, there's exploration of the "darker" aspects of the pysche; psychopathology, paranormal psychology, adversarial and theurapeutic unorthodox psychological work, dealing with such aspects of the mind as complexes, shadow-selves, the Id, alter-egos, projected personas and more... much of the work is geared towards uncovering a more universal framework for efficacious conduction of black magick (think deep, personal transformation), using whatever dark tools are available.
  • Sex Magick - in more private work, there's strong interest in, and practical exploration of the associations between creative potential of the psyche (especially issues around psychic-energy as it relates to ideation and motivation), free-association power, visual-thinking, and then the more mystical, magical aspects of creating in the astral (lots to do with ideation and perpetuation of elements in the psyche), etc, and how these things relate to sexual-expression and suppression of it, libido, and the unconscious in general.
  • Music and Magick - there's a keen interest in the exploration and application of musical expression, in encoding payloads for the unconscious, enhancing or altering emotional states during ritual, concepts of universal communication - as stronger means of altering mind-states without cognitive interference, etc.

  • The above isn't doing justice to the breadth and depth of work we are doing in the domains of pragmatic esotericism, but it gives you a fair idea of of what NES is, and what it's not. For those who are already engaged in these or more advanced forms of magick and esoteric work, we'd surely love to get in-touch, and perhaps even collaborate on some domains of mutual interest. Being influenced heavily by the Chaos, Tactical Magick stream, we don't really have localized research stations, and have much of the work geographically scattered among our normadic shammans and students. Contact us, if you desire to work in an area we might be near to - Africa especially.

Some Projects we've made public...

To read and learn more about the above occult-technology projects, perhaps go over to our platform, NuScribes, and grab a copy of the paper we wrote on Scientific Illuminism

On the less technical side, we have these other projects and experiments that border on cultural and media experiments with magick and esotericism. A key motivator for these other projects is activism, curation of occult wisdom and arts, evolving of occult themes in our culture, and definitely doing a little more magick in alternate ways...

Community and family is everything! On this platform, having built everything with the desire to unite, nurture and celebrate more seekers on the black paths, we have made sure we put in place facilities to keep you connected with others like yourself while here, and to also get in-touch with us when possible.

There are two ways to engage with others on this platform currently...

  • LIVE CHAT with NES - you will notice that there's a collapsed chat widget towards the bottom of this page. When any of the NES members is online, you can have a chance to directly talk to them. This facility only offers private chats between you and a member of our inner circle.
  • COMMUNITY CHATJust below this tab, is a more social chat widget, that lets you and any other visitors to this platform, chat with each other and the rest of us, in real-time. You can also initiate private chats among other things. Enjoy, and be nice to others...
  • If you find the community chat unfriendly, or if there's some way you'd like us to improve community engagement here, please reach out to us via the "Consult" page or via the NES live chat.

We've been asked already: How/What is this shrine technology, and how can it be used? For the impatient, start with this One Good Answer, and another, concerning our guiding principles.

But, if you are really serious, then go back to the section labelled "SCHOOL", and check the section on technomancy and this shrine tech. You will find more than enough information there.

At the Nu Chwezi Shrine, we wish to offer a special place in the cyber realm, where all lovers, fans, students, seekers, mages, adepts and clients of the esoteric arts and sciences can meet, share ideas, perform cyber-magick, commune with transcedental forms and more.

Since the majority of people are mobile, spend more time online and have less access to primitive technology and shrines, we wish to evolve the art, and bring all this to you in a modern, reliable manner capable of being accessed in a mixed-reality way, and via any device capable of interfacing with this realm. On the other side of the sprectrum, we are learning and evolving as well, with you all.

The Esoteric Tradition is the heritage of all mankind, we desire to nurture, preserve and evolve it for the good of humanity.